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It's been an exciting couple of weeks for SustainUS! In addition to the ongoing work of our delegation on the ground at the 52nd Meeting of the United Nations Commission on Social Development, we were able to give an intervention during a Thematic Debate convened by the President of the 68th UN General Assembly, focusing on Water, Sanitation, and Sustainable Energy in the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

SustainUS Development Co-Director Collin Rees gave the following statement during the session on Sustainable Energy, calling for an end to fossil fuel subsidies, a just transition toward a clean energy future, and real action to address the climate change and human rights implications of such a transition. 

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Morning Intervention at CSocD-52

This morning, SustainUS Agents of Change delegates Amy Frieder and Kelly McGlinchey worked together to give an excellent intervention on youth involvement in the UN process, economic justice, and the importance of environmental sustainability. They spoke at the 52nd UN Commission on Social Development, where they are part of the SustainUS delegation.

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Response to Michael Bloomberg's Appointment as UN Special Envoy

SustainUS is pleased to recognize the recent appointment of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as the UN Special Envoy for Climate and Cities. We appreciate and support the United Nations’ continuing recognition of the importance of urban spaces in the fight against climate change. With over 50% of the world’s population living in cities and that number rising every day, urban policy offers an important and effective way to address issues of sustainability, development, resilience, and social justice. 

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Meet the SustainUS CSocD52 Delegation!

CSocD50An outstanding group of young people set out for UN headquarters in New York for this year's Commission  on Social Development (CSocD-52) from February 11-21. The theme of CSocD-52 is "Promoting empowerment of people in achieving poverty eradication, social integration and full employment and decent work for all." This Agents of Change delegation will be engaging in the policy discussion by developing and giving policy statements, working with other NGOs and youth, and finding ways to advance the SustainUS sustainable development policy position around CSocD. 

Meet the delegates and learn more about their interests.


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Announcing a New SustainUS Initiative: Climate Action Lab!

We're launching a new initiative called Climate Action Lab to incubate youth-driven campaigns that push for ambitious domestic action on climate change. We’ll take groups of 8 to 10 committed young activists, put them together in a house (with expenses covered!) for three months, and help them run campaigns pushing for tangible policy change on climate. Climate Action Lab will be inaugurated with one house this spring, followed by a national expansion this summer.

Right now, we’re looking for skilled young organizers to form the inaugural class of Climate Action Lab Fellows this spring in Washington, DC. These Fellows will live together in a group climate activist house from March 3rd - May 25th and run a campaign focused on securing ambitious EPA carbon standards. Fellows will engage in direct action, media work, lobbying, canvassing, grassroots organizing, and a variety of other tactics. In addition, the Spring Fellows will help develop the full Climate Action Lab model for summer expansion. 

If you’re interested in joining Climate Action Lab in March as a Spring Fellow, fill out our Online Application by February 10. For more information check out the Spring Fellow Job Description or email us at with any questions. 

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Apply for a spring fellowship in DC with the Climate Action Lab

SustainUS is recruiting Spring Fellows for a new national initiative, Climate Action Lab. The idea is simple: get a bunch of smart climate activists together and let them take it from there. You’ll live in DC in a house with other activists, campaign for strong EPA carbon standards, and prepare Climate Action Lab for nationwide expansion. SustainUS is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive team, and welcomes applicants from all backgrounds and experiences.

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COP 19 Updates

Follow the work of the SustainUS COP 19 delegates as we head to Warsaw for the COP19 climate summit November 11-22, 2013. This event will draw thousands to Warsaw to examine how we can better address the global climate crisis. SustainUS has followed these negotiations closely for the past several years. Our current delegation will work with other international climate leaders to work towards bold action on climate change.

Read about COP19 policy, blogs, videos, photos, media coverage, and ways to get involved after the jump! 

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Youth leadership: Amira Odeh works for a ban on the sale of bottled water in Puerto Rico

There are so many challenges in the world, how do you pick one to focus your energies on? For SustainUS Lead Now Fellow Amira Odeh the answer was straightforward after a professor prompted her and classmates to research disposable bottled water waste and Amira was reminded of the devastating drought that Puerto Rico faced in the mid-nineties. Learn more about what she has done from there...


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Can you help us empower young leaders?

SustainUS is a small organization that has no full-time staff, but is fueled by an incredible team of passionate young people. Every year we must raise a few thousand dollars to cover our operating expenses. This includes things like our website, postal mailbox, meeting expenses, etc. Our thriftiness goes far, but people like you -- a SustainUS member, alumni, friend of SustainUS, and even someone just passing through -- give every year to keep SustainUS up and running. Do you like what we're doing? Can you chip in to help us continue to help other young people lead? Even a few dollars will go far when multiplied by the commitment of our volunteer leaders.



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