Daniel Jubelirer longs for a world where we all belong.  With East Coast roots in North Carolina, and West Coast fruits in the Bay Area of California, he is currently a Peace Studies student at Naropa University in Colorado. As a community organizer, youth educator, artist, facilitator and activist he follows a passion for linking  personal, interpersonal, and systemic change in the building of  a radically just and beautiful world. He co-founded Tufts Climate Action, running a fossil fuel divestment campaign for two years, is a trainer with Generation Waking Up, and supports the Generation RYSE Youth Council with Earth Guardians. A student of Joanna Macy, Daniel is honored to be a facilitator of the Work that Reconnects. Daniel is called right now to explore how to use dance, restorative justice and contemplative practices to decolonize his own being and support others to bring a critical lens to our movements. He is also pursuing a path of being a life coach for changemakers. As a 2016 recipient of the Goddard Prize, Daniel is working to ignite  a “Soil for Life” movement for soil-based carbon sequestration with small scale farmers in Colorado and beyond. He is delighted to serve as the Community Building and Engagement coordinator for SustainUS.