Sometimes anti-social, but always anti-fascist, Francisco (he/they) is an activist turned freedom fighter descended from the P’urhépecha indigenous people of Michoacán, Mex., and inspired by the work of revolutionaries throughout so-called Latino America and beyond. In 2013 they started their activism working on legislative advocacy as a student representative for the California Community College system, and in 2017 completed their term as Environmental Sustainability Office for the UC Student Association. Today they study Community and Regional Development at UC Davis and have participated in several actions for environmental justice, indigenous sovereignty, migrant solidarity, anti-war efforts, and Palestinian decolonization. Their educational focus envisions alternative societies not predicated on exploitation or commodification of resources, but one that is horizontal in power relations and equitable in terms of food, water, land, etc. Francisco is a writer/poet and has participated in direct action to realize this vision in Standing Rock, Pennsylvania, and throughout California including their hometown of Oxnard. They decry state violence everywhere and maintain that liberation will not come from existing systems; solo el pueblo defiende al pueblo.

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