Priya is a writer, musician and activist. For years she has explored her love for the environment, spirituality, and multiculturalism through both intellectual and creative inquiry. She graduated in 2012 from Brown University where she studied History, focusing on Colonialism and Globalization. She was a grad student at Oxford’s School of Geography and the Environment, until she left to pursue her interest in transnational climate activism and community arts. She recently completed her first book, which investigates the politics of coexistence in the Greater Caribbean, and which Priya wrote in an effort to better understand the art of building bridges across divisions. Prior to this, she worked as an organizer for a multicultural and multifaith arts collective in Washington, DC called The Sanctuaries. She has also worked at the Smithsonian, the Red Cross, Green America, the Organization of American States, and the US Forest Service. Priya grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico, as well as in DC, and her family is scattered (like dust? Maybe more like confetti…) in Italy, India, Quebec, and the US. As a child she lived near the ocean, and for as long as she can remember the sea seemed a place of magic— able to absorb and reflect the beauty, awe, and variety of life. Priya believes that we are what we learn. Through a variety of means, she hopes to foster empathy, curiosity, and responsibility across geopolitical divides– in the interest of our shared, brilliant planet. To read some of her writing, visit

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