“Your task as the young… is to reinvent the universe, the universe made out of stories — to change the stories, to tell them, to bury them, and to give birth to them. A difficult task, but not an impossible one.” – Rebecca Solnit

[split_line_heading]Why a creative challenge?[/split_line_heading]

This year the application process for our youth delegation to the UN Climate Negotiations is a creative storytelling challenge to write op-eds and generate creative media. We will work with you to tell your own story about why you engage in the movements for climate justice, as well as to amplify narratives that support a just transition from a fossil fuel energy system. We believe that people understand and shape our world through stories, and that as young people we have significant power in our ability to build a different story for the world we live in – one that is free from systemic injustice and supports thriving ecosystems.

[split_line_heading]What does the challenge consist of?[/split_line_heading]

For two months, from April 12 – June 5, the creative challenge window is open. There will be two waves of the challenge during that time, with supporting webinars and resources to jog your brain and help you deepen your storytelling skills along the way. During the two waves of the challenge, you’ll send us the things you create. These can vary from an opinion editorial or a blogpost, to a video, podcast, photo essay or a series of social media posts. Surprise us! Our final delegation will be selected from those actively participating in the challenge.

[split_line_heading]Ready to begin?[/split_line_heading]

Registration for the creative challenge closed on April 12. We will consider late entrants to the challenge on request. Please contact our COP22 Delegation Leader, Morgan Curtis, to explore this possibility.

Registered for the challenge? Be sure to start with the first round, a personal storytelling challenge, before moving on to the second round – your chance to amplify arguments, demands or analyses of the movements for climate justice.

You may also want to read through our FAQ and supporting resources, catch up on any webinars you’ve missed, and join our COP22 Creative Challenge Facebook group to share resources and stories and connect with other participants.