Here are some of our favorite resources on storytelling, media work and digital organizing. Know of any we should add? Let us know!

How do I get started?

Here is a step-by-step guide to de-mystify the process of creating and publishing your own media (click to enlarge).

Why do we tell stories? What makes a powerful story?


Examples of opinion editorials and creative media

All of these examples are from our COP21 & COP22 delegates, and range from international news to self-created content and campus publications.

Informational Webinars!

Last year’s Creative Challenge brought forth webinars on various topics, all facilitated by different members of the SustainUS community aiming to support applicants to this process and demystify what happens at COP. They’re too good not to share!

  1. Why do we tell stories?
  2. How to contact the media and pitch your story
  3. Mobilization media: integrating storytelling into action planning
  4. Fossil fuel money in politics
  5. Climate displacement
  6. Trade and climate

How do I write an opinion editorial?

How do I bring media to my action?

Facebook resources

Twitter resources

Photography, videography and graphic design resources