Avery hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and is currently based out of The District of Columbia. Avery attended both Louisiana State University and graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in Mass Media Arts (focused on documentary filmmaking) and International Relations.  

Avery’s environmental organizing began while living in Louisiana, witnessing the cycle of pervasive poverty produced as a result of extractive and fossil fuel industries. Upon returning home to Atlanta, Avery began working with the International Rescue Committee, helping recently arrived refugees and asylees acclimate to their new lives while uplifting the importance of community and retaining their culture. She began to help these newly arrived peoples organize within the Atlanta metropolitan area. This work catalyzed Avery’s interest in migration patterns and the causes and impacts of forced displacement. Thus, she has decided to pursue research at the nexus of migration and climate justice in order to better inform future policies designed to protect those displaced by climate catastrophes.

Avery is deeply invested in working towards immigration and migration justice. Believing that we all can exist in a world without borders, she is dedicating and focusing her work on climate migration to fight against climate displacement.

She has spent the last few years working at various environmental nonprofits where she began taking her grassroots work online through digital organizing. Most recently, Avery has been creating and optimizing digital content and strategy for several environmental nonprofits. Avery is currently working a Digital Campaigner for 350.org. She believes in a balance of grassroots organizing, policy efforts, and nonviolent direct action to bring about the just and equitable future for all.

As a black woman from the South, Avery navigates the climate and environmental movement conscious of her often marginalized identities and the unique perspective they bring to redefining and reshaping this work. She puts her body on the line believing in the power of nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience. Each and every day, Avery works towards liberating her people and communities, working towards creating equity under capitalism and battling to combat the plague that is neoliberalism and antiblackness.

Avery is a proud Libra and an avid fan of the X-Files.

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