Gari is a third culture kid born to Filipino parents, raised in Hong Kong, and most recently from New York City. Being a global citizen, she has seen the effects of climate change manifest in various ways around the world.

Gari is currently in her sophomore year at Clark University where she is studying Political Science and her self-designed major, Human Security. She focuses her studies on the effects political events have on marginalized communities. It was at Clark where she discovered her drive to advocate for climate justice. After a two-and-a-half week program about predominantly white institutions, oppression, and intersectionality, she began applying the lens of justice to her studies and activities.

She serves as the Media Liaison for her school’s divestment campaign and has been a fellow with the non-profit, Our Climate. With Our Climate, she has been able to co-organize a community art and justice event, while also co-facilitating a climate justice workshop at a policy bootcamp. Most recently, she has been conducting research into the solar net metering and environmental justice provisions of S.2302, the clean energy omnibus bill currently in the works in Massachusetts. Gari’s vision is for justice to take the forefront in any policy decision. When she’s not organizing or studying, you can catch her dreaming about a gender swapped production of the musical Hamilton.

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