Born and raised in Brooklyn by a single mother of twins, Jamie is particularly excited to work alongside SustainUS youth this summer to organize in her home city. The rapid gentrification of Brooklyn and other boroughs has fueled her sense of urgency to be in spaces where people feel inspired to contribute to greater justice.

Jamie is currently getting her bachelor’s degree in Global Environmental Studies at Clark University. She often finds it difficult to navigate her dreams under an institutionalized structure like Clark, but she has found a home through co-organizing a collective called Floetic Fridays, a space that originally emerged as a spoken word showcase with visual art and musical performances. Floetic Fridays was created out of the recognition that the need to connect as a community and be vulnerable with each other is urgent; it is guided by a vision of the ability of cultural organizing and creative expression to serve as tools for healing, mobilizing, and empowering marginalized communities in the face of violence. Through this work, Jamie strives to be more vulnerable with herself and those in her life, believing that sharing her vulnerability encourages others to fully step into their own power.

Jamie’s passion for the environment grew out of spending her summers at a sleep away camp in Maine. During this one month out of the year she disconnected from all media and lived fully in the woods, learning to love being outside in nature. Last summer she spent two months living in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica where she found an even deeper appreciation for the natural world and a way of life where it is instinctual to protect, respect and honor the earth. Living in Puerto with no phone or computer brought Jamie back to what matters most to her.

She knows that a meaningful life must include actively contributing to preserving sacred land that has been stolen and abused over many generations. Her work with SustainUS is moving because it connects her with youth who want the same thing. She is humbled to learn alongside this community.