Kendrick Eagle is a enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation located in North Dakota. At the age of 19 he took on a huge responsibility of raising 4 of his younger siblings, from that point on, plenty of opportunities opened up for Kendrick and his younger brothers. Barack Obama came to Standing Rock Reservation in April of 2014 and Kendrick was selected to tell his story to The POTUS and the First Lady Michelle Obama. Since then Kendrick has been a youth mentor, leader, and activist for Native communities seeking for new opportunities and economic development for reservations.

Now Kendrick is the Outreach coordinator for a youth Organization on Standing Rock called “Woihanble” (whoa-eee-han-bleh) which means Dream in Lakota. They do all sorts of activities every month on all 8 districts on Standing Rock.

He is a 2018 Dream starter for a Organization called Running Strong for American Indian youth, and he is a Co-Chairman for a organization located in Washington D.C called Center for Native American Youth. He is also a co-director and narrator for a movie called Convergence at Standing Rock.

He is also  on a board for a non profit called Indiginized Energy. Indigenized Energy is a nonprofit agency providing Solar Energy by installing a solar farm to create power from the sacred sun using a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) to sell power back to our local Coop company to provide services on Standing Rock in North Dakota to preserve our language and to create youth programs and projects on the reservation and help offset electricity for our enrolled members of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. Indigenized Energy will form partnerships with local tribal programs and communities to provide high quality training services on renewable energy and funding for programs on the reservation. Indigenized Energy’s goal is to help maintain and help support our language programs and to inspire and invest in our youth through programs and projects and to make our membership on Standing Rock to become more self-sufficient and setting a platform using renewable energy to use our tribe’s sovereignty to become sustainable and reassert a sense of hope and healing for Standing Rock for the future.

Kendrick is very excited to be apart of the Delegation and ready for COP24. He can’t wait to meet everybody that is apart of this year’s Delegation and to make great connections. He is also excited to see what everybody else is doing in their communities and ready to learn more about being more sustainable.

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