COP21 Domestic Team

Are you interested in engaging in the United Nations climate negotiations but not going to Paris this December? You’re in the right place! We’re organizing a domestic team with SustainUS. We need young people engaged at every level–local, national, international–to get the future we want. No prior experience required.

We believe that in order to build a powerful movement for justice, equity, and a stable planet, we need all hands on deck. This year has the potential to be a defining year for our movement. Our COP21 delegation is dedicated to the fight for a just and sustainable world for the long haul. Together, we intend to create real change, at COP21 and beyond.

How you can plug in: Here are the variety of ways to engage in the UNFCCC (acronyms and all). We’ll mentor you (if you’d like!) and provide info and training materials.

We need folks in the following areas. If you have other ideas or would like to take a leadership role, let us know!

  • Mobilization – actions and building power
    • Host an event on your campus or in your hometown
    • Deploy social media & a twitterstorm
  • Media – opeds and blog posts
    • Publish in your local newspaper
    • Publish on the SustainUS blog
  • Advocacy – policy engagement
    • Engage in pre-COP & mid-COP webinars
    • Contact your Representative & Senators in Congress

Training Materials — scroll down within the Google Doc below

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