What would it be like if young people were training each other in the skills they need to build power, tell stories and make change in their communities?

Sustaining Our Resistance is a collective of SustainUS members that offer peer-to-peer, popular education trainings for youth activists and organizations seeking skills and processes to further their social change goals. Our purpose as a collective is to support one another in delivering empowering, transformative training experiences for youth activists in line with the SustainUS principles.

Between us, we offer youth-led trainings in a wide variety of social movement skillsets:

  • Tell stories: Artivism, spokesperson training, movement history, social media, storytelling, press & traditional media
  • Shape culture: Anti-oppression and decolonization work, sustainable and sacred activism, movement songwriting, cultural competency, activist self care/wellness
  • Build power: Non-violent direct action, climate policy, mobilization/action planning, campaign/movement strategy
  • Train others: scholar-activism, curriculum development

Interested in bringing SustainUS trainings to your organization, school, community group or campaign? Email training@sustainus.org with what you’re looking for and when, and we can set up a time to talk.

Who are we?


Orion Camero

Orion Camero is an arts activist and coalition builder with Stockton-based anti-water privatization nonprofit Restore the Delta and the internationally known Beehive Design Collective, among others. A 2015 Brower Youth Award winner and a California youth delegate at the U.N. climate talks in Paris (COP21), Morocco (COP22), and Germany (COP23), his work centers on visual storytelling education projects applying an interdisciplinary approach of the arts as a catalyst for critical research and analysis. Camero’s work recognizes that efforts to address climate change and the ecological crisis are systematically tied to social, economic, and cultural oppression.


Niria Garcia

Niria Alicia is a Xicana storyteller, scholar and organizer whose activism and advocacy work is rooted in her spirituality and undying love for her community and for the environment. A first-generation student, Niria graduated Phi Beta Kappa with Cum Laude honors from the University of Oregon with B.A’s in Environmental Studies, Latin American Studies and a minor in Non-profit Administration. Her research focused on women-led grassroots environmental and social justice movements in the U.S. and Latin America. As a writer she has contributed to several environmental blogs, local newspapers and magazines and has written about the effects that pesticides, pipelines and climate change have on marginalized communities. Niria is passionate about the rising and empowerment of the younger generations and works to create the change that is needed for the survival of the next 7.


Morgan Curtis

As a facilitator, coach and educator Morgan works at the intersection of community-building and political mobilization, striving to understand how stories shape human relationships, resilience, and revolutions. She is passionate about facilitating youth organizing, personal growth, grief work and direct action, with a grounding in relationship, ritual and storytelling. Morgan is a resident of Canticle Farm, an interracial, interfaith, intergenerational community in occupied Ohlone territory (known as Oakland, CA). As a young woman with many intersecting privileges, Morgan is dedicated to working with fellow young people with race and class privilege, as well as to showing up to build and contribute to cross-class and interracial work and community.


Dineen O'Rourke

Dineen O’Rourke is a climate justice activist, musician, fracked gas pipeline fighter, educator, biker, and lover of life and people. She attributes her deep love for the world and her motivation to act to the Northeast: the Atlantic shores of Eastern Long Island, pine tree forests and lakes of Midcoast Maine, and the green hills and valleys of Western Massachusetts. Dineen is a senior at Hampshire College, currently completing a thesis on youth engagement in the UN climate negotiations, through which she led the mobilization team for SustainUS’s COP22 delegation and is now leading the COP23 delegation to Germany this fall. For the past 3 years she’s been a leader in fighting fracked gas pipelines in Western Massachusetts, and is still smiling from their victorious campaign of stopping the Kinder Morgan Northeast Energy Direct. (Victory is possible and within reach!) As a musician, she sees song as both a necessary rejuvenation in this work as well as a tactic of resistance.