We’re excited to announce that SustainUS is currently accepting applications to serve on our Board of Directors. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who is passionate about the vision and mission of SustainUS and wants to take a role in supporting the organization to thrive. Does this sound like you or someone you know? 

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. People of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. We’re particularly interested in welcoming applicants with experience and expertise in legal work, human resource management, advocacy, media/messaging/storytelling, and fundraising (descriptions below). Alumni and non-alumni are encouraged to apply. 


The Board supports the work of SustainUS and provides mission-based leadership and strategic governance, including legal and financial oversight and long-term visioning. While day-to-day operations are run by 10-20 youth leaders, who are mostly volunteers with some part-time paid staff, the Board-Leadership relationship is a partnership, and the appropriate involvement of the Board is both critical and expected.

Each Director supports both the overall operations of the board and contributes specific skillsets that each Director is independently selected for.

Overall roles include:

Leadership, governance and oversight

  • Approving the annual budget, audit reports, and material business decisions; being informed of, and meeting all, legal and fiduciary responsibilities;
  • Reviewing measures for evaluating SustainUS impacts, and regularly measuring its performance and effectiveness;
  • Helping to evaluate the performance of the Executive Coordinator and Operations Coordinator;
  • Serving on 1-2 standing committees, contributing actively to the work of those committees;
  • Providing skill-specific mentorship to Leaders, as needed;
  • Assisting the Governance Committee in identifying and recruiting new Board Members;
  • Ensuring SustainUS’s commitment to a diverse board and staff that reflects the communities SustainUS represents.
  • Contributing to the development of board meeting agendas and reviewing documents and committee notes before each board meeting, and helping ensure that board resolutions are carried out;
  • Serving as a trusted advisor to the Executive Coordinator, Treasurer and other leadership as they implement SustainUS’s strategic plans;
  • Representing SustainUS to stakeholders; acting as an ambassador for the organization;


SustainUS Directors will consider SustainUS a philanthropic priority and make annual gifts that reflect that priority. So that SustainUS can credibly solicit contributions from foundations, organizations, and individuals, SustainUS expects to have 100% of Board Members make an annual contribution that is commensurate with their capacity.

Additionally, the board collectively pays for the Directors & Officers insurance for SustainUS. The exact contribution varies from year to year, but is typically $100-150 per director per year.

Board terms/participation

Directors make a three-year commitment and commit to contributing at least 5 hours per month. Directors are eligible to be considered for two additional three-year terms, consecutively or non-consecutively, after their first term. Depending on needs and vacancies, board members may be asked to chair no more than 1 committee and serve in no more than 1 officer role;

Directors are expected to participate actively in all board meetings, which are currently held every 2 months and include one in-person meeting per year. Directors are expected to communicate and make decisions regularly in between board meetings and check email at least weekly.


  • Demonstrated passion for youth empowerment and/or justice & sustainability
  • Experience executing the functions described in Leadership, Governance & Oversight
  • Demonstrated capability in any specific skillsets sought – please see the individual position description for details
  • Prior experience serving on a nonprofit board of directors is an asset, but is not mandatory
  • Experience in the movements or coalitions/networks that SustainUS is a part of is valuable, but is not required
  • Sufficient time, and a willingness to dedicate that time, to the fulfillment of the duties described here
  • SustainUS seeks both directors with experience or prior involvement in SustainUS, as well as directors with no prior involvement or knowledge

Service on SustainUS’s Board of Directors is without compensation, except for administrative support, travel, and accommodation costs related to Board Members’ duties. Service on the Board of Directors is an equal opportunity position. Individuals from identities traditionally underrepresented on nonprofit boards of directors are strongly encouraged to apply.


To apply, send your resume and cover letter expressing your interest and experience to kyle.gracey@sustainus.org with “Board of Directors” in the subject line.

Finance (highly desired)

This director will possess a background in areas of finance related to nonprofit management. The director does not necessarily have to be an accountant, although they could be, but would at the minimum have significant experience. Key areas of support include: financial reporting, payroll, donation management, and taxes.

Legal/Risk Management

The director will possess a background in areas of law related to SustainUS’s mission. The director does not necessarily have to be a lawyer, nor possess a law degree, although they could, but would at the minimum have significant experience in legal issues. Key areas of the law include: nonprofit, federal advocacy/lobbying, international. SustainUS has a separate General Counsel – this director instead provides risk management advice and not official legal counsel.

Human Resources

The director will have experience in human resources issues related to the hiring and employment of part-time and full-time employees, contractors, and volunteers. Working with the directors specialized in legal and risk management, the director will provide advice on the recruitment, onboarding, support and management of SustainUS’s human resources. The director will help SustainUS to both effectively support its existing talent and plan for future leaders.


The director will have a background in forms of advocacy common to nonprofits, especially national/federal and international advocacy. The director will help to advise SustainUS leaders on issues such as: advocacy profile, forms of advocacy, nonprofit lobbying regulations, advocacy strategies, and trends/opportunities in advocacy. Experience with multi-year advocacy campaigns is a plus.


The director will have a background in earned media, campaign messaging, and/or developing and telling stories to influence media narratives. The director will ideally have this experience on national or international issues. Experience working with, or contacts with, national and international media is desired but not required. The director will ideally have experience with a variety of storytelling media, including print, video, television, radio and various social media.


The director will have experience with various forms of nonprofit fundraising, such as grants, individual donors, major donors, corporate sponsorships, fee for service and merchandise. Typical support activities may include: helping to develop fundraising plans, reviewing grant applications, evaluating grant prospects, reviewing and supporting the development of fundraising campaigns, and supporting corporate sponsorship outreach. The director will be part of the Development Team, which is a combination of Leadership and Board members.