Indigenous Voices for Indigenous Lands

The SustainUS COP25 Indigenous Youth Delegation to the UN Climate Negotiations

Our delegation leaders are a team of three climate justice youth organizers committed to building a movement that represents and uplifts the narratives of our most excluded and marginalized peoples, here is their message.

We will be leading an indigenous delegation of brave youth from across the nation that will gather to pressure our global leaders to take action on climate change immediately at this year’s COP 25 in Santiago, Chile.

This will be SustainUS’ first-ever indigenous delegation for any of our programs. Our cultures teach us that ecology and spirituality are connected, and therefore our work must also connect. Our work will be culturally informed and spiritually grounded as we prepare to pressure our global governments to take climate action now and kick polluters out of COP. 

Our vision is to maximize the centering and amplification of traditionally oppressed, excluded, silenced and marginalized voices in the discussions of climate change. We hope to bring spirit into politics and prayer into spaces that need it most.

Our delegation will comprise of indigenous youth leaders from across the nation who are experts in the impacts that climate change is having on frontline communities. We will bring together a team of leaders, artists, organizers, mobilizers, visionaries and solutionaries to weave together our national movement for climate justice and indigenous sovereignty in the face of this administration and global crisis.

At COP we will ensure our delegates’ stories are told and their voices are heard by world leaders. We know that the true experts on climate solutions are indigenous peoples who protect 80% of our globe’s biodiversity and continue to hold the original instructions given by Creator on how to best live in balanced relationship with the lands, waters and other life forms on Mother Earth. Indigenous peoples are often left out of negotiations as the UN does not recognize our nations’ sovereignty with negotiating power or voting rights. This delegation is a response to the historical and current impacts of colonialism, exclusion, and erasure of indigenous peoples. We are walking in the footsteps of our ancestors to make a beautiful way forward for those who will call us ancestors.

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