Climate impacts aren’t just a distant future–they’re our reality. 

Youth people are demanding a robust Loss and Damage mechanism in the Paris Agreement. We’re worried that our communities won’t be protected by mitigation and adaptation efforts alone. Our leaders must include a tool that deals with the irreversible losses caused by climate change.

Leaders, here’s what we’re asking for:

  1. Loss and damage must be a standalone Article 5 of the Paris Agreement. We cannot afford to consider a “do nothing” option.
  2. The Paris Agreement needs to explicitly recognize climate related displacement.  In 2014 alone, 17.5 million people were forced from their homes by weather-related disasters (IDMC, 2015). In the face of future climate impacts, displacement is an issue too important to ignore.
  3. The Paris Agreement should include innovative finance and insurance mechanisms for the most vulnerable. 
  4. The Warsaw International Mechanism (WIM) needs permanent status beyond the current time bounds mandate that ends in 2016. 

Rae Bainteiti is a youth delegate for the Kiribati Climate Action Network. His home, the low-lying Pacific Island nation of Kiribati, is threatened by rising sea levels, fresh water salinization, and intensifying natural disasters. Check out why he’s calling for a robust loss and damage mechanism above.

Christopher J. Carter is an American youth delegate for the Youth Arctic Coalition. Having worked extensively in the Arctic, Christopher has seen the impacts of climate change first hand, including sea ice loss and diminishing access to traditional hunting grounds. Check out why he’s calling for a strong loss and damage mechanism here.

This campaign represents the views of the YOUNGO Loss and Damages working group. YOUNGO is the official youth constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). These videos were filmed by Benj Brooking and produced by Mattea Mrkusic and Joning Lee.