Welcome to the Creative Challenge Webinar Archive!

Throughout our COP22 Creative Challenge, we hosted a series of webinars designed to build skills and support engagement with the challenge. We hope you’ll find them helpful and informative.

We’ll likely host more webinars in the fall of 2016, so check back for details!

Webinar Archive

Round One

  1. Why do we tell stories? – April 12, 7pm ET
  2. How to contact the media and pitch your story – April 17, 9pm ET
  3. Mobilization media: integrating storytelling into actions – April 19, 9pm ET

Round Two

  1. Fossil fuel money in politics – May 10, 9pm ET
  2. Trade & Climate – May 11, 6pm ET
  3. Climate displacement – May 12, 4pm ET


Round Two

2.1: Fossil fuel money in politics. Did you hear about the recent #DemocracySpring actions in Washington, DC? Join action organizers and SustainUS members Arielle Clynes and Henry Jacqz for a conversation about what the corruption of our democracy has to do with climate action.

2.2: Trade & Climate. Join COP21 delegates and SustainUS Trade Team members Arielle Clynes and Adam Hasz for a discussion on the intersection between international trade agreements and climate justice. How do trade agreements threaten climate action? How is the climate movement mobilizing to respond?


2.3: Climate displacement. Join SustainUS COP21 delegates Erica Bower and Dyanna Jaye for a discussion on the current dynamics of climate displacement, major roadblocks in preventing progress on “loss and damage” at the UNFCCC, and opportunities for progress at international, regional, national and local levels.



Round One

1.1: Why do we tell stories? For the first webinar of the COP22 Creative Challenge Morgan Curtis, our COP22 Delegation Leader, was joined by Joe Solomon, a climate justice organizer, writer and storyteller based in Charleston, WV. They shared some of their own storytelling journeys, talked through the strategic value of storytelling for our movement, and recapped some of their adventures making media in Paris during COP21. [Begins at 3:15]

1.2: How to contact the media and pitch your story. For this second webinar, Morgan was joined by Leehi Yona and Aly Johnson-Kurts, media leads for the SustainUS COP21 delegation, for a demystifying conversation on how to contact the media and pitch your story. They talked everything from how to reach journalists on Twitter to favorite media-making memories at COP and the significance of opening yourself to vulnerability when writing opinion editorials. [Begins at 1:12]

1.3: Mobilization media & integrating storytelling into actions. In our third webinar of the creative challenge, Morgan spoke with SustainUS COP21 delegates Collin Rees and Laura Cross about how storytelling relates to actions and mobilization. They talked about building narrative power, as well as discussed tips and tricks for getting the story of your action out to the world. Here is the #ZeroBy2050 video that Laura created during COP21 that we show in the webinar.