Gavi’s first encounter fighting for justice and sustainability was when she was 10-years-old in New Haven, Connecticut, where a local power company attempted to build a high voltage power-line next to her Jewish school.  Since her community came together to pass legislature in Connecticut requiring a distance between schools and power-lines, Gavi has continued fighting for environmental justice, working at the intersections of people, the environment, energy, and philanthropy.  Gavi recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with her Masters of Science in Nonprofit Leadership, after graduating the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors of Arts in Earth Sciences with minors in Urban Studies and International Development.  While at Penn she founded the school’s divestment campaign Fossil Free Penn and led the Student Sustainability Association at Penn.

Outside of the classroom, Gavi has worked towards climate justice through internships locally and abroad.  She has researched and educated the impact of the proposed Philadelphia Energy Hub Transition on Philadelphians as a environmental justice policy intern at Clean Air Council in Philadelphia, worked on youth environmental peacebuilding in the Middle East as an intern at EcoPeace Middle East, and connected German and United States energy transition efforts in rural, coal communities while interning at the Heinrich Boell Foundation North American office in Washington DC.  Gavi is currently learning about local governance as a New York City Urban Fellow, and in her free time is exploring all the urban greenspace she can find in her new home of New York.

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