Gavi’s first encounter fighting for justice and sustainability was when she was 10-years-old in New Haven, Connecticut, where a local power company attempted to build a high voltage power-line next to 3 institutions in her Jewish community. Since her community came together to pass legislature in Connecticut requiring a distance between all schools and power-line infrastructure. Gavi has continued fighting for environmental and climate justice.

From organizing around the Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refinery, to organizing with young Jordanians, Palestinians, and Israelis around Jordan River rehabilitation, to organizing an exchange program between German and US coal communities, Gavi has focused her life on building communal resilience in the face our collective changing risk. Currently, Gavi is learning how to prepare our cities for the brunt of the climate crisis as an NYC Urban Fellow. Before stepping into leadership of SustainUS’s NYC Delegation, Gavi served as the organization’s Development Lead and a Delegate to COP24 in Poland.

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