Kailea Frederick is a First Nations writer and photographer who is deeply committed to creating and contributing to projects that are actively highlighting new stories of possibility and change. Growing up in the rural countryside on the island of Maui, Kailea spent her foundational years immersed in natural surroundings living closely with and in observance of our living world. In 2013 she attended the International Youth Initiative Program (YIP), a 10- month residential program in Sweden for young adults that are interested in becoming active global stewards. Following the completion of her time at YIP she was part of an international pop up community in Greece where she worked on furthering the creation of The School Of All Relations (SOAR); a 6 month holistic educational program for youth. In the spring of 2015 she co-founded a project called Locals For Local Change on the island of Maui that worked with the questions, “What would it take to grow emergent young leaders and create a more collaborative People’s Movement?”

Kailea most recently traveled to Paris as a youth delegate of Maui for the COP21 where she had the chance to join global dialogue on themes that are most important to her: Youth, Women, Indigenous Peoples and the Earth. She is a current Spiritual Ecology Fellow and facilitator of the course, Earth Is `Ohana. You can read more about the course and her journey at www.harnessyourbreath.com.