Kaydrianne Young is a justice advocate proudly born and raised in Miami, FL. While earning her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology at the University of Florida, she worked with grassroots public education groups and her university to recruit, train, and mentor youth for leadership in environmental entrepreneurship and renewable energy advocacy. After her studies she embarked on a 1,000 mile environmental justice bike tour across the NE United States to support community organizations as they demand equitable protection of natural resources.
Through her work as a progressive political professional she has worked with the American Heart Association to successfully lobby Florida state legislators to finance the growth of independent healthy food retailers as a response to the disproportionate consequences of food deserts in frontline communities. She also coordinates public education events on important civil liberties and human rights issues aimed at inspiring increased civic engagement. Currently in her role as a political operative she is focused on electing progressive champions to office, building inclusive and intersectional structures for justice, and fighting to align political will with the will of the people.