Kristy Drutman is a recent college graduate from the University of California, Berkeley and is currently a California Digital Campaigner with As an environmental activist for the past 5 years, Kristy has a deep passion for environmental storytelling and organizing. She also is very proud to be a mixed race Filipina American who wants to see more people that look like her in the environmental field. During her time at UC Berkeley, Kristy and her close friends joined together to create the Students of Color Environmental Collective at UC Berkeley. She envisions bringing greater representation for people of color within the environmental field and to change the image of what it means to be an environmentalist in the 21st century. As a result, she created her own podcast and media series called Brown Girl Green where she interviews environmental leaders and advocates about workplace and member diversity and inclusion. Her work as a social media strategist allows her to think critically about the available pathways for environmental education and advocacy.

Kristy is excited to be part of the COP24 delegation this year to have a deeper understanding of environmental negotiations and exchanges at an international level. She will be documenting and using her platform as Brown Girl Green to document her journey leading up to and during COP this year. Her optimistic outlook and fun loving personality allows her to find joy and excitement as an environmentalist. She aims to serve as a bridge for communities who have been traditionally left out of the mainstream environmental narrative to have a seat at the table. Lastly, Kristy  believes self care is of the utmost importance and that art, mindfulness, and relationship building are core tenets of sustainable activism.

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