Leehi is SustainUS’s Agents of Change program Co-Coordinator and Social Media lead for the COP21 delegation. An Israeli-Canadian from Montreal, Leehi is currently pursuing a double major in Environmental Studies and Biology and a minor in Public Policy at Dartmouth College. In addition to organizing Dartmouth’s fossil fuel divestment campaign, she helped organized PowerShift Canada and was a New Hampshire State Lead for PowerShift USA. She has attended COP and CSocD conferences as an Agent of Change through SustainUS, and co-led the CSocD-52 delegation in 2013. Leehi is passionate about the Arctic and has been researching Arctic Council policymaking as well as conducting climate science research in Greenland. A recipient of the Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec’s Youth Medal, Leehi was recently named Canada’s Top Environmentalist Under 25. She loves to paint Impressionist art, make pottery, and witness the Arctic’s endless daylight.