A musician and lifelong student, Masud (He/Him/His) was born and raised in Northern California – moving between Sacramento and the Bay Area. Masud graduated from the University of San Francisco (Class of 16’) with a B.A in International Studies and a minor in Environmental Science. Through his study, Masud integrated and applied Asset Based Community Development principles to low-income communities within and beyond the U.S border. His professional focuses orbit sustainable development, arts education & history. Currently, Masud works as an Solarcorps Workforce & Programs Fellow coordinating K-12 environmental education workshops in the Sacramento City Unified School District.  Masud brings cultural sensitivity, and an international perspective to his activism. He seeks to explore effective approaches to public education – connecting climate injustice and the narratives of underrepresented communities. His vision for a sustainable future demands a local, bottom-up approach to self-determining economic development.

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