Mauro is an artist, poet, sculptor, student, writer, and recently began exploring dance and music. They are a first generation college graduate and the eldest child of Mexican immigrants. Mauro grew up in a mixed status household in East Oakland. It was there in Oakland where they first experienced realities of environmental racism and how injustices are embedded into landscapes, histories, and the spaces we frequent. For them, it is crucial to recognize the connections and divergences between places people create home in such as Oakland, Palestine, Flint, and Chile in order to grow and nourish our movements and solidarities. Mauro is passionate about cultivating healing and resilience through artwork. They believe in art as a powerful medium for making sense of this world and the world(s) many of us strive to create in our activism. One of their current goals is to teach in high school while creating curriculum for classes grounded in ethnic studies and decolonial principles (whether the classes be art, science, or social science). For joy in life, Mauro enjoys being around plants, getting lost in books, food and conversation, chill music, making art with friends, and watching shows such as Adventure Time and Steven Universe.

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