Mesiah (Sweetgrass) Ebony Burciaga-Hameed


COP25 Delegation

Mesiah is a 24 years young two spirit afro-indigenous visionary. Their life path is influenced by their connection to spirit. Being raised in close relation to their roots and culture made for a strong connection to the earth. Creating a well rounded childhood steeped in responsibility to the planet and a drive to restore that which had been stripped away. Mesiah grew up on the frontlines in Occupied Ohlone territory (Oakland California) and Lenapehoking (New York City). 

They have been resiliently guided by their mother’s participation in social justice and community organizing as well as their fathers ability to transform life experiences into art. They come from a long line of change makers and know what it means to have to take up space.  Before Mesiah could walk they had sat in on numerous demonstrations and marched in many protests. Growing up they were showered with truth. Having a childhood in a decolonized household made for an interesting time in the colonized world. They soon found themselves educating their teachers and peers on the real history of the world and building an uncanny ability to speak up. 

Mesiah resides in the bird’s eye perspective and supports others in doing the same so we can make the best decisions. They have many passion projects and see none of them seperate. They are the Chair and soon to be Executive of Native Land, an interactive map that focuses on representing indigenous peoples of the world leading to interpersonal discussions of colonialism and Indigenous history. This year they have supported Native Land in becoming indigenous-led and have many action plans to support this projects growth. When they are not sitting behind a computer screen they are traveling and working with indigenous youth of all ages. They specialize in healing generational trauma and supporting youth in connecting with their ancestors and stories. Mesiah believes that in order to prioritize our relation to Grandmother Earth we must prioritize our healing and do the work that the ones before us struggled to tend to. Only then will we be able to create together and build a foundation for the future generations. Collectively we are creating the future by coming together and as indigenous peoples we will be represented the way we know we should be.

Mesiah focuses on their drive to do what is right in the world. They are here to shift the dynamics and the paradigm of what we believe is possible. Mesiah is equipped with a powerful message to break the chains, patterns and the stereotypes that keep us bound to our old ways.

They have the gift of vision and see from a higher perspective. Mesiah wants to hold space for conversations that often get left out of the climate justice fight. They are dedicated to stand by and offer support during the transformation stage. Mesiah strives to create radically honest spaces of learning where we can deconstruct the systems built to enslave us and honor the practices of the ones who came before us. They work with the intersectionalities that most believe to separate us and use these very things to bring us closer together. They are interested in exploring the innerstudy necessary for us as individuals to take full responsibility for this life and therefore properly tend to the world we are a part of. Mesiah centers the need for a blueprint to be created to properly educate and unpack the trauma and actions of the past we are actively trying to shift. They welcome the depths, roots and seeds of genocide and cultural erasure to honor the journey of truth we wish to embark on. Mesiah stands their ground and looks for peace. They are here to encourage through love and transform the people.

Mesiah and their ancestors past and future are looking forward to being right where they are supposed to be at COP25 this year ready to have the uncomfortable conversations and push our comfort the edge  together with growth in our hearts.