mey lee’s (They, She, mey) parents got married because they accidentally crossed the canadian border while driving cross-country and violated their fathers visa. Mey is a mixed raced second generation Chinese American who loves to play soccer. They were raised by San Francisco and shares its sense of humor. They graduated in 2015 with a BA from Shimer College in Chicago and immediately after graduation jumped headfirst into the world of non-profits and social justice. She has run after school camps, classrooms, food pantries, and workshops. Mey has worked primarily in the fields of immigration and food justice but sees all struggles as connected under an increasingly globalized capitalist hegemony. After years of low pay and 60+ hour work weeks, mey took a step back from organizing to be unemployed. They currently do movement based theater work with a pan-asian story telling troupe based in San Francisco and are training under their dad to be an Electrician. mey continues to organize with her friends and thru the Left Wing Futbol network. mey lee is right handed but is working on it.

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