Naila is the child of Tanzanian immigrants. She’s a North Carolinian born and raised and is studying Biomedical Engineering and self-designed International Health Development at NC State University. She became interested in environmental health in high school and has committed herself to educating people on being sustainable consumers and researching the barriers that keep people from living nontoxic lives. This will be her first COP conference and she’s excited for the opportunity to build on her previous work in organizing and social change! Her background has made her committed to ensuring developing countries aren’t saddled with the environmental burden of climate change. As well as motivating her to research on the intersection between climate justice, socioeconomic status and immigration due to the increase in climate fueled migration. In her free time, Naila loves to travel, read, write, and volunteer at a local free clinic as a Pharmacy Assistant to help uninsured North Carolinians have access to pharmaceuticals as well as aiding in research on the impact of the Genx dumping in Wilmington, NC.

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