Niria Alicia is a Xicana community organizer, storyteller, scholar and educator whose activism and advocacy work is rooted in her commitment to bringing spirit and culture into the grassroots movement spaces that work for the collective liberation of Mother Earth and humanity.

Born to Cilviana, a migrant farmworker from Michoacan, and Francisco, a former northwest tree planter from Chihuahua Mexico, she is the second of four children. A first-generation student, Niria graduated Phi Beta Kappa with Cum Laude honors from the University of Oregon with B.A’s in Environmental Studies, Latin American Studies and a minor in Non-profit Administration. Her research focused on women-led grassroots environmental and social justice movements in the U.S. and Latin America. As an undergraduate she was a part of MEChA, NASU, and co-directed the Raza Unida Youth Conference and the Coalition Against Environmental Racism.

Niria has traveled, studied and worked in Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Costa Rica participating in social justice delegations, teaching, translating, conducting research, and running student programs building aqueducts, grey water treatment systems and contributing to reforestation efforts. As a writer she has contributed to several environmental blogs, local newspapers and magazines in both English and Spanish and has written about the effects that pesticides, pipelines and climate change have on marginalized communities.

As a community organizer, social media specialist and development strategist she has worked with Earthjustice, Our Children’s Trust, the Winnemem Wintu Tribe, Honor the Earth, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice and Winona’s Hemp to organize, uplift transformative narratives and develop the financial resources needed to sustain the transformative work of youth, farmworker and indigenous communities. Niria is passionate about supporting the next generation of leaders and is excited to continue working with SustainUS as a COP 25 Delegation Leader.