Noah is a poet, writer, empath, activist, and lifelong learner who spent many of his formative years in Washington, D.C., cultivating a taste for politics and public transport systems. He grew up surrounded by stories and music, developing from a young age a strong taste in poetry, a love and passion that lasted throughout his life and continues to have both an impact on him and his organizing. Embodying the idea of “organizing is poetry in motion”, Noah works to make change in his communities both via his activism and his poetry. Seeing little distinction between the two, Noah is able to transmit the anger and compassion he feels for marginalized people into his poetry, speaking the truth about his marginalizations and using his positionality to amplify the voices of others. An avid reader and researcher, Noah’s organizing is driven by a desire to learn as much as possible. A student at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Noah’s work with the Virginia Student Environmental Coalition and the Virginia Student Power Network has influenced his worldview and his interactions with both friends and comrades. As a queer, mentally ill, Jewish person, Noah’s personal stake in organizing is vast, and, making sure that he is focused on empathy and compassionate principles. He was instrumental in the efforts to divest UMW, and is excited and overjoyed to join the COP22 Delegation in order to curate deep, personal investments and relationships in the international climate movement.