Orion Camero is an arts activist and visual storytelling educator whose work embodies collaboration and coalition-building with differing nonprofit groups, some of which include the Beehive Design Collective, SustainUS, and Restore the Delta. Recognizing that climate change is a symptom of interconnected systems of oppression spanning social, environmental, and economic, he has worked to unearth systems thinking narratives that reveal holistic approaches for justice. For the past three years, he has been a delegate to the UN climate talks mobilizing actions and working on rapid-response visual messaging. His work has resulted in being a 2015 Brower Youth Awards winner for efforts against the water privatizing twin tunnels project in the SF Bay Delta, and is currently a 2017 Spiritual Ecology fellow in the process of a research-informed mural about issues in California. Orion believes that what nurtures the heart of collective liberation are ingredients of inter-identity solidarity, cross-cultural connection and exponential collaboration.

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