Tianna is a social entrepreneur, strategist, and creative based out of Fresno, California. Tianna works at the intersections of public health, media, art, and government. Growing up between Santa Cruz and Fresno, California inspired Tianna to pursue a career grounded in addressing environmental and health inequities. Tianna works within the climate justice collective to create sustainable solutions to address the implications of environmental discrimination and educational inequity. Tianna graduated from California State University, Fresno with a Bachelors of Science in Public Health Science and Bachelor’s of Art in Mass Communication and Journalism. Tianna’s time and efforts go towards connecting people of color to money and freedom via creating: intersectional-transformative coalition building opportunities, offering sustainable frameworks, and working towards educational equity via media. Her academic research interests include social entrepreneurship, physiological response to risk, generational trauma, and industrial-organizational psychology. When Tianna isn’t in a meeting Tianna is writing, reading, or singing to inspire future initiatives and introspective growth.

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