Valentine Camano is a student, a youth advocate for gender equality, humanitarian equality and climate change, and a social Media/ public affairs Intern at the J. Luce Foundation. Valentine is a recent alumnus from Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC / CUNY) in business administration – associates degree. Now currently studying for his Bachelors Degree in the Baccalaureate Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies – CUNY/ International Affairs- Anthropology and Global Policy at Brooklyn College.  As a youth advocate, valentine believes volunteering for gender and humanitarian equality, LGBT, and disability is important. Paving the way for future advocates with the experience he gains and giving them support to be successful in the future is all valentine strives for. He is working to realize his potential determination as a Youth Advocate and has a passion for international affairs and civic relations. Valentine believes attaining experience in the field of voice for other youth is important and crucial to understanding our modern day issues. Also, presenting their voices on video through social media, they are known as an advocate for their concerns of what they face on everyday life.