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Paris Agreement to Enter into Force

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My stomach tightened as I weaved through uncountable hordes of blue-suited officers. This was midtown Manhattan on Wednesday, September 21st. Businessmen beelined past me nursing coffee on their way to the office, shined shoes scuffing on gum-studded pavement. As a white man growing up in New York City, I’ve personally…

Stand with Standing Rock – Not on It

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The sun was hot, and the pavement on Highway 1806 was even hotter. The guests at Sacred Stone Camp had just finished a communal lunch. They began falling into line behind the same banners that had led this march every day, a march up the highway to pray for the…


Art for Climate Justice

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It’s been two years since the People’s Climate March, the largest of its kind in history,  took place in New York City. Many of us can still recall the anger, energy and hope evoked from that historic day but few may have paid nearly as much attention to the visually…


COP22: The Beginning

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About one year has passed since the landmark Paris climate accord was signed by over 195 countries. Made to come to a universal conclusion about the need to globally address climate change, the agreement, as a dear friend and fellow attendee of the climate talks in Paris Dyanna would say,…