SustainUS just wrapped up our fiscal year, and looking back, there’s a lot to be proud of. Together we trained over 200 youth leaders, earned more than 60 media hits, and crafted a new strategic plan. Below is an infographic that highlights some of our major accomplishments of the last year.

Building off the energy from these recent successes, in the upcoming months we’ll challenge world leaders for an ambitious climate agreement at COP21, develop a new advocacy fellowship, and campaign for equitable trade.

With our strategic plan nearly finalized, there will be a lot of new opportunities for engagement this fall. Keep your eyes open for updates in the coming weeks! We look forward to growing and building with you in the next year.

year in review infographic

Adam Hasz

About Adam Hasz

As Executive Coordinator, Adam spends most of his time supporting SustainUS and building long-term capacity for the youth climate movement. Adam grew up in the Chicago suburbs and graduated from WashU in St. Louis, where he got hooked on climate justice advocacy. Since 2009 Adam has been heavily involved with the youth climate movement, organizing with WashU Green Action, the “MO Love” Student Climate Network, 1Sky, the Sierra Student Coalition, MORE, NextGen Climate, and the Energy Action Coalition. Adam previously served SustainUS as the COP19 delegation leader, Campaign Strategy Coordinator, and co-founder of Energy Justice Summer. When not organizing, Adam enjoys running, singing, reading, meditating, exploring DC trails and museums, and conversation over a great home-cooked meal.

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