Daniel believes culture-shifting lies at the heart of social change, and that we must practice the world we want to see in organizing spaces. Originally from North Carolina, he is passionate about emergent strategy, social movement theory and history, facilitation, coaching and building multi-tactic, intersectional approach to climate justice organizing on the delegation. Daniel participated on the SustainUS COP22 delegation to Morocco. He has been involved in organizing and social change work for the past 10 years, with a focus on reproductive rights, climate justice and Israeli anti-occupation organizing (but its all connected.) He studied Peace Studies at Naropa University, but is grateful to have learned from mentors and elders outside of formal school even more.  Daniel lives in Oakland, CA in a co-op dedicated to coaching and social change. Besides co-leading the COP24 delegation, he works as a coach for changemakers. He also loves music, modern dance, Jewish ritual and community, urban farming and chocolate making.