Eva grew up in southern California and spent the most recent years of her life studying environmental science at UC Berkeley. There, she delved into youth activism and student organizing in a number of social and environmental justice campaigns. She was the core organizer of 2016’s Power Shift West Convergence and did her undergraduate thesis on wetland restoration in the San Francisco Bay. In her time as a student, she installed the first recycling and composting system in UC Berkeley’s dormitories and worked as an outreach coordinator for the Students Against Fracking Campaign. She co-founded the Students of Color Environmental Collective, organized with the California Student Sustainability Coalition, and won the Udall scholarship for environmental stewardship. Her passion lies in the overlap of racial and environmental justice, and she has deeply explored intersectional movement-building, environmental communications, and restoration ecology.

Eva is a creative writer, journalist, poet, and artist. Her work is rooted in the power of storytelling and building community. She fell in love with the red rocks and rivers of the Colorado Plateau as a participant in the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program at NAU, which inspired her to move to Flagstaff, AZ. Now, she works at the Grand Canyon Trust as the Uplift Coordinator, organizing an annual climate conference for young people on the Colorado Plateau.