Garrett Blad is a climate advocate, communicator, and community-builder from North Liberty, Indiana. He envisions a world where young people are listened to and can speak up about injustice and transform their communities. After graduating from college, Garrett completed a six-month storytelling journey by bicycle between the US and Paris for the UN Climate Conference, using digital media to share stories of regular people mobilizing for climate action across 11 countries. In Paris, Garrett joined the SustainUS youth delegation inside the conference, leading youth-led campaigns calling for the most aggressive, equitable, and legally binding treaty possible.

Since, Garrett has trained dozens of young people to speak publicly and become spokespeople for the millennial generation. He combines his own learnings in the area of environmental policy and communication with his ability to teach other young people in public speaking, effective communication, and media engagement. He has spoken to more than 150 different audiences and over 5,000 people worldwide. Garrett speaks on framing, storytelling, and the power the millennial generation has to shape our future through activism and civic engagement.

Garrett is currently Executive Coordinator of SustainUS and was recently named one of the Top 30 Under 30 Environmental Educators by the North American Association for Environmental Education and has a degree in Environmental Science and Sustainable Policy from the University of Notre Dame. Garrett enjoys creating handmade collage art, performing spoken word poetry, and reimagining the culinary potential of day-old pasta. He currently lives in South Bend, Indiana.