Remy Franklin is a graduate student and human geographer at the University of Arizona studying the political ecology of climate justice. Through documentary film, writing, and new media like story maps, Remy explores how movements for food and climate justice can promote more just and sustainable economies.

As a student and researcher, Remy tries to leverage his position to disrupt privilege and democratize public discourse around social justice and energy issues. He believes that all research serves a political purpose and strives to make his scholarship engaged, empathetic, and relevant to the climate justice movement. Remy’s Master’s thesis analyzes opportunities and barriers for a just transition to solar energy in Tucson, Arizona based on the social and political dynamics of an ongoing electric utility rate case. Remy also works for the Public Political Ecology Lab (PPEL) as a graduate research assistant, most recently developing the website home for a new initiative called the Climate Alliance Mapping Project (CAMP). Through CAMP and his own research, Remy grapples with complex questions about energy, climate, and society, while working to promote socially just responses to climate change and a just transition to renewable energy.