Troy’s passion for ecological justice propels him to fight for a world in which all persons are entitled to dignity, self-determination, and a sustainable economy.  As a New Orleans native, Troy witnessed how decades of unaccountable extraction inflicts irreparable harm on Gulf Coast communities. Economic theories that promote the mass extraction of finite resources have damaged the land, people, and ecosystems of countless communities. Tragic events like Hurricane Katrina prove how vulnerable Gulf Coast communities are too extreme weather patterns and unveil the layers of injustice that exist during disaster recovery. As climate change continues to generate erratic weather patterns, communities on the Gulf Coast will feel the brunt of the burden. Through grassroots movement building, Troy has worked diligently to shift the narrative from resilience to resistance by holding corporations accountable for their destructive practices that drive the climate crisis. 

During his time in college, Troy worked with Gulf South Rising and Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy two organizations dedicated to promoting ecological equity in communities of color on the front lines of climate change. There, he worked as a social media outreach specialist spreading awareness about the impacts of climate change on Gulf Coast communities. Working with these two dynamic organizations led Troy to discover that historically; communities in the Gulf South remain at the epicenter of intersectional oppression. He believes that these oppressive forces could only be countered with robust and dynamic intersectional movement building. Troy’s college thesis focused on how political rhetoric disseminated after Hurricane Katrina by politicians and the media played an instrumental role in strategically masking policies that perpetuated an inequitable recovery in New Orleans.

Currently, Troy is a math teacher at St. Alphonsus school where he dedicates his time to educating and empowering youth to be agents of change in their communities. He enjoys reading, writing, and traveling. He hopes to attend law school in the near future. 

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