We are excited to announce the thirteen young people that will be traveling to Marrakech, Morocco in November 2016 for COP22, the 22nd United Nations Climate Change Conference! Selected by means of the inaugural SustainUS Creative Challenge, these powerful and creative young climate organizers are coming together from all corners of the US: the forests of the southeast, the cities of the northeast, the desert of the southwest, the fields of the northwest and the islands of the far, far west.

Activists, artists, scholars, photographers, and all leaders in our communities, we will be putting our skills to work at COP22 through powerful storytelling, working to amplify unheard narratives of climate justice through media work, direct action and policy advocacy. Working with youth and climate justice advocates from around the world, we will be continuing to build momentum from last year’s Paris Agreement, attempting to turn words into relationships and action for global solidarity.

We need to raise $28,000 to fund delegate training, travel & expenses on the ground: donate here.

We welcome your ideas, collaboration and support! Email delegation leader Morgan Curtis.

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Meet the Delegates!

Ryan Camero

Stockton, CA

Remy Franklin

Tucson, AZ

Noah Goodwin

Charlottesville, VA

Dineen O'Rourke

Amherst, MA

Becky Chung

Buena Park, CA

Kailea Frederick

Kula, HI

Daniel Jubelirer

Boulder, CO

Morgan Curtis

Oakland, CA

Niria Alicia Garcia Torres

Talent, OR

Brooke Larsen

Salt Lake City, UT

Kayla DeVault

Window Rock, Navajo Nation

Ben Goloff

New York, NY

Devi Lockwood

Durham, NH