We are currently launching our recruitment process for our US youth delegation to the 2017 UN Climate Negotiations, more complicatedly known as COP23, the 23rd Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This conference will take place November 6-17, 2017 in Bonn, Germany.

Our application will be in the form of a Creative Challenge, a new process we launched last year and loved. This is your chance to publicly share your story – whether it’s through writing, music, podcasts, artwork… any medium that conveys why and how you work for climate justice. We will support you in publishing your submissions along the way. Whether you’re a climate science researcher, musician, policy advocate, direct action organizer, a campus fossil fuel divestment leader… we encourage you to apply! We believe this Challenge fosters the growth of the youth climate justice movement while calling forth the skills we’d like to see on our team.

Fill out our Call to Interest form by Monday, April 3rd to get started on the application

& join the Creative Challenge.

We are looking for a team of action-oriented advocates and storytellers. As youth delegates, you’ll learn how to work with the media and develop your own voice. We collaborate with activists from around the world and build deep community within our team. Together we’ll lobby government negotiators, plan attention-grabbing actions, and tell game-changing stories that shift the narrative on international climate politics — all the while building skills and stories you’ll bring home to strengthen your own work and campaigns.

Want to know more about the delegation or the Creative Challenge? Email any questions, thoughts, and/or ideas to our COP23 Delegation Leaders, Karina Gonzalez and Dineen O’Rourke!

Meet the Delegation Leaders!

Karina GonzalezKarina is a Purepecha (Mexican Indigenous) woman whose work is centered around climate, sustainable development, and social justice. She is strong believer that these topics are interconnected and aims to weave these issues into a coherent narrative that will move us toward a more sustainable and equitable future. While working for GreenPeace USA, Karina earned a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Arizona. She has since then spent the last couple of years building movements on the local, regional, national, and international level. Through SustainUS Karina has attended the UN Commission on Social Development 52 & 53, COP21 and is very excited to return as one of the COP23 Delegation Leaders.

Dineen O’RourkeDineen attributes her deep love for the world and her motivation to act to the Northeast: the Atlantic shores of Eastern Long Island, pine tree forests and lakes of Midcoast Maine, and the green hills and valleys of Western Massachusetts. She is a senior at Hampshire College, currently completing a thesis on youth engagement in the climate movement and the UNFCCC. For the past 3 years she’s been a leader in fighting fracked gas pipelines in Western Massachusetts, and is still smiling from their victorious campaign of stopping the Kinder Morgan Northeast Energy Direct. (Victory is possible and within reach!) Also a musician, she sees song as both a necessary rejuvenation in this work as well as a tactic of resistance. Through SustainUS Dineen attended COP22, and is thrilled to co-lead this year’s delegation to COP23.